This Year, I will...

OMG, what happened?

On my to do list sits "write blog post for April" and now it's almost November... The year of intentions is marching on and what a year it has been so far!

If the planets have been doing an unusual dance, it has nothing on the dance that I have done this year. I feel like I have cha-cha'd, tango-ed and rhumba'd through each Lunar cycle in a pair of shoes that are too big! Not all of my steps have felt graceful, or even part of the dance! I may have tripped once or twice and lost a sequin or two but I felt the rhythm and beat in every molecule of my body. I truly have given myself "full-y" to this year so far.

It's easy to get carried away with looking (frantically) at all the things that I didn't "get done" (yet) this year. And it is totally overwhelming to do so, as a sense of 'time running out' tends to ensue when one travels down this path.

So perhaps it is this time of year that we should actually focus on all that we have achieved so far, that we are here, reading this, wherever we are, with a roof over our head is a blessing in and of itself to be grateful for.

I live in Australia yet most of my Clients are in USA. It's Thanksgiving there soon and I was very fortunate to spend Thanksgiving in La Jolla, San Diego many moons ago (gosh, it's actually decades ago now, but I'm not going to focus on time passed am I?)

One of the biggest blessings of my year has been celebrating "Globally". I feel through Mystic Mermaid's Facebook page I get to celebrate two seasons at the same time, as most of my followers are in the Northern Hemisphere and I'm in the Southern Hemisphere I feel that I get to delve into both realms with photography and imagery for my posts. I feel like I have participated in a whole lot of holidays that aren't celebrated here in Australia and I just love the "buzz" and "ceremony".

Of course there is also the Global impact of what is "happening" locally with people. I try never to make any comment on well, negative events, on Facebook or Instagram, I want Mystic Mermaid to be a place where people can go to dwell in the realm of possibility, to be lifted, to find something to smile about, be grateful for, reminded of, that is inspirational, motivational or even aspirational. There are many pages and many, many posts that dwell on current "affairs", negativity and god-forbid I say it, politics. Mine does not need to be one of them. I hope that people who follow Mystic Mermaid's page find peace, love, solace, calm and a 'soft landing place' in hard times. In fact, I work very hard to always write in a positive vernacular as it is this that I personally prefer and I have created Mystic Mermaid on the premise of "being in the light". So wherever I can shine the light, that's what I will choose to do!

The "Lighthouse" was my "Symbolic Metaphor" for 2016. And I can feel this continuing into 2017. The Guiding Beacon that brings one home, that shines the light when the Moon is Dark. I am as enthralled by Lighthouses as I am our Moon and Tides.

As I write this I am sketching out some bookmarks to make for my next online market event that celebrate all things "Mystic Mermaid", they are like little Talismans of "light and being" to help one be present to what is, grateful for this moment and to help guide us forth in our journey.

I don't know so much about this being a "blog" post as much as a "blab" post. This is what I get for not having written anything in such a very long time. Writing a blog is like a muscle that needs to be exercised, you either use it or you lose it. I feel I've lost it and that every word I write is some sort of step in a dance forward. I felt compelled to write this today and I didn't let anything on "the list" take precedence over it... so hence we have a blog post for October 2016.

In short, THANK YOU if you have taken the time to read this and THANK YOU for liking Mystic Mermaid's Facebook page. I would be both honoured and delighted to read your comments and feedback on this post as it is my interaction with you that is the greatest blessing.

Namaste and an Ocean of Love and Blessings to you, from me.

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