What is your Animal Spirit Totem?

An Animal Spirit Totem or Animal Spirit Guide is any natural or mythical animal with which you feel a close connection to.

There may be Totems or Animal Spirit Guides that are relevant for your life or for a specific time period in your life.

The energy of the totem animal speaks to you in some way that is relevant to your own personality, circumstances, current situation or desired attributes in life. At certain times you may find you resonate with a particular totem animal (for instance, having not seen an Eagle for 6 years I then saw 3 in one week).

The Animal totem is connected to your Spirit.

Animal Spirits play a very important part in many Indigenous Cultures. In many different types of astrology all the signs are animals (Chinese) or are mostly animals (Western Astrology).

By getting to know your animal totem, you can gain insight and understanding of your own life circumstances more clearly, and share in the ‘totem power’ or 'medicine' that are associated with that animal. Animal totems manifest a specific kind of energy that will align to forces of the spiritual realm that are influencing your life.

Here is a list of some of the Totems and the attributes that they can assist us with, this list is not indicative of all the strengths of each animal spirit totem, but rather just some of the key areas that they can offer assistance with:

Bear - Strength, solitude, focus

Bee - Diligence, Productivity

Butterfly - Change, Love, Transformation

Buffalo - Confidence to achieve goals

Cat - Magic & Mystery, Clear perception, Agility

Coyote - How to get free, stop fooling oneself

Cow - Nurturing and Growth

Dog - Loyalty, Unconditional Love

Dolphin - Communication, Harmony, Trust, Joy

Dragon - Fertility, Wisdom

Eagle - Courage, Freedom, Spiritual Balance

Elephant - Strength, Intelligence, Loyalty

Fish - Life, Transitions

Fox - Camouflage, New worlds, Supernatural power, Fox is a Protector

Frog - Abundance, Fertility, Transformation

Giraffe - Flexibility, Intuition

Hippo - Motherhood, Routines

Horse - Friendship, Freedom, Power, Stamina

Hummingbird - How to find joy in all circumstances

Lion - Personal Power, Courage, Strength

Llama - Endurance

Monkey - Energy, Curiosity

Otter - Curiosity, Joy

Owl - Magic, Wisdom

Panther - Valor, Grace, Swift action

Penguin - Change, Agility, Order

Pig - Prosperity, Intelligence

Pigeon - Perseverance toward a goal

Rabbit - Teaches Love, Vigilance, Fertility

Ram - Teaches Adventure and Power

Rooster - New beginnings, sexual prowess

Seal - Balance, Intuition

Sheep - Purification through forgiveness

Snake - Rebirth, Wisdom, Healing

Squirrel - Trust, Preparedness

Tiger - Passion, Sexual energy

Turtle - Longevity, Opportunity

Whale - Provision, Creation, Awakening

Wolf - Freedom of Spirit, Discipline, Loyalty

If you are new to the concept of spirit animals, the first thing to understand is that you don’t necessarily choose your animal – you and your animal choose each other.

The animals are spirit teachers that dwell in our unconscious mind, waiting for us to discover them. Linger on images that strike you as welcoming or meaningful. You may feel that one particular image or animal feels like it “belongs” to you. Next, read the text associated with that Spirit Animal, then ask yourself does that animal’s description fit your needs right now.

There are loads of excellent books and resources available and I have listed some at the bottom of this page that I have drawn upon into this musing.

This is an excellent book that focuses on the Spirit Animal that might be for you right now, you might find your permanent spirit guardian but this book is a helpful guide for what might be best for you, right here, right now. You can click on the image to have a "look inside" this book and decide if its something you might like to look into further.

There is so much that I could write on this subject, I have put some of my favourite books that I draw upon for my knowledge and information into the Links below and I would recommend any of them to you.

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