May 2016 Lunar Watch

When we walk upon a Spirited Path, the Universe presents us with experiences and “coincidences” that are like a ‘breadcrumb of clues’ along our journey.  These can help illuminate our path and assist us to make connections that unearth helpful information to further enhance and enliven your journey.


If you are used to experiencing life in this way, you might find that this month they are particularly strong, vibrant and frequent.  Enjoy the Spirited Path! 


There are times when it seems that the veils between worlds and realms are thinner than at others and this month (May) is one of them.  Listen to your inner guides, nature and take notice of what happens and what is presented to you as you may find that you are made aware of experiences, information and vibrations that may not have previously been at the surface.


I am choosing to celebrate the path and this month’s Full Moon with an “Upon a Spirited Path” online market event.  


Incorporating crystals, talismans, Animal Spirit Totems and uplifting creations that support you on your journey forth.  A celebration of life, the joys of nature and the beauty of the gift of life.  It is a time of new beginnings for many of us and every creation for this event will be infused with supportive, strengthening and warrior spirit energies!


This month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius on 22nd May coincides with Mercury completing its retrograde passage through Taurus.  Lifting Spirits and enhancing faith, no matter what may be going on in our lives.  This is a time to celebrate your path and direction and embrace expansion and positive thought.


In the lead up to my market event I will be celebrating the “journey” to this event with creations being uploaded to my ETSY store that will be available each day.  I will be posting details of these first within the event so that those who have joined will get to see these first before anyone else!


If you wish for me to ‘hold’ your ETSY order in case you wish to purchase at the market event so that you can combine shipping and save on postage then please use the Coupon Code  SPIRITED when you make your ETSY purchase and you will not be charged any shipping on your ETSY order.  I will then hold onto your treasures until the market event and then will combine this with anything you might purchase at the market and provide a combined shipping cost for you and everything will ship together. 


Here is a link to the time and date event planner that shows how my market start time translates to your local time.


If you have not participated in a Mystic Mermaid online Facebook market event before, please do pre-register here and you will receive links to details on how to shop during the event. 


With all my Love and an Ocean of Blessings, I wish you well upon your Spirited Path, Sweet Soul


❤ Mystic Mermaid xx

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