A little bit about me

My life has never been the same since I learned how to Scuba Dive.  When I discovered the Underwater realm I discovered parts of my being that could only be known by travelling to the depths of the Oceans.

I followed my heart, gave up Corporate life, moved to the beach and I now dedicate my time to creating special treasures that embody the love and depth of my passion for nature.  I create jewellery, talismans and treasures using gifts from Mother Earth (Crystals and Gemstones) that are inspired by what expands my heart. 


I am passionate about sharing what I love in the hope that it will connect you to your own heart, to the magick of our Ocean world and most of all, to the love within.


I live on the beautiful Bass Coast in Victoria, Australia with an adopted French Bulldog "Rowdy the Cowboy" and "Minx the MerKitty".


All my creations are intuitively made with Spirit, many of them one of a kind items.  Whether you are purchasing one of my creations or just visiting to be inspired and motivated, I honour you with all my heart. 


Welcome to the "MerTribe", I am delighted to connect with you.  I manage everything here on my own, so every email, every comment is responded to personally by me and in addition to my jewellery, I create all the posters for my Facebook and Instagram pages, too.


I hope you are inspired by what I love, too.

With all my Love and an Ocean of Blessings

Jen xoxo

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